Monday, August 13, 2007


Direct from New Vrindaban Studios, comes the culinary cinematic experience of the year!


Starring HG Caitanya Das
Executive Producer-HG Caitanya Das
Director, Cameraman, Editor-Bhakta-Chris
Narrator-HG Balarama Chandra Das
a 2007 production of New Vrindaban Studios

For over four years, the brahmacari ashram of New Vrindaban has been creating a community and culture of service and love on the campus of
Ohio University, all of it based on the motto that “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” Vegan Cooking Workshop presents an inside look at how the magic happens, from the heat of the kitchen, to the risk of the road, ending up in the bliss of seeing over a hundred hungry, happy students tasting the mercy of Krsna.

This short film from the studios of the New Vrindaban Brahmacari Ashram shows what happens when hip, young gentleman in the renounced order, with talents galore, put the pedal to the max to bring first-class prasad and association to the starving young men and women of Athens, Ohio. Join in the fun, flavor, and love of progressive outreach at its finest. «

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