Sunday, July 18, 2010

For Aindra

So many hands and so many voices cry out for you today
At the mystery of your spirit freely flowing back home
So many tears I see welling in the eyes of my strong friends today

By unseen devotion I tread into your association, Vraja Dham
Trucking across the street, against better judgment, for cheap kartals
So I could dare to be part of your ensemble
Softly, tentatively, in the background, soaking the osmosis of your wisdom
In those dusty nights streets, sharing the journey of your Katyayani-Vrata
The mystic chaos of Durga's lair, feeling protected by your fatherly wisdom

How could you be so kind to me?
Sharing your sea of silas, tales of Tulasi Devi, seeing them in your eyes
It was your eyes you shared, in my expression of gratitude
For that one moment, looking into me, nothing artificial
Like I had known you for years

Even though I stand outside the circle, awed of your ferocity
Harinama. Resurgance. Floods of Mahaprabhu's mercy
Mostly I stand on the outskirts
But I believe I will choose to know you more now
As I understand what you mean to my strong friends
And then I may dare, like the time with my cheap kartals
At the shores of your kirtan ocean
To shed off my vines, and dive into the flood from your heart.