Sunday, September 2, 2007

Slices of Life at New Vrindaban...

This is Bhakta-Chris, reporting live on September 2, 2007, from New Vrindaban Dham.

Lots of wonderful, transcendental activities occur at New Vrindaban, and I shamelessly take many photographs of them to share with devotees worldwide. Here is this week's attempt to embarass my good friends and comrades in devotional service...

This is a public-service announcement...if you see this young man, HG Caitanya Das Brahmacari, Spiritual Director, New Vrindaban Management Team, please humbly ask him to eat a cereal that is not designed for four-year old children. Caitanya, this is for your own good. We want you to come over to the organic world.

Yugal Kishore Das croons in costume for the Lord's pleasure during our ongoing Janmastami festivities.

The Reverend Janak Mahajana Das looks regally over our Kailash collection for Janmastami, giving his grave approval

HG Jagadish Caitanya Das-in bliss as he expertly fans the forms of the Lord during our continuing Janmastami festival.

Madhava Ghosh is very ready to make sure that all those who attended Kesava and Madhava's recent "sannyox" ceremony also reap the benefits. This humble photographer, after some thought and discussion, politely declined.

Janak Mahajana in his ideal state, working with the national symbol of Estonian pride, the beetHey Jason! Welcome back to the fire of the New Vrindaban Kitchen! Hold on tight!Devotees who wash dishes together go back to Godhead togetherJanak Mahajana has had enough of having his picture taken.

More candid shots coming soon. Beware and Haribol!