Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"The Logic Show"

My dearest friend and confidante HG Sri-Kishore Prabhu (Satish More), currently working for his Masters degree in Film at Ohio University, was recently interviewed on Vocal Profiling Live, a local Ohio radio program. In the interview, Sri-Kishore reveals his deeply compassionate motivations and mission behind his upcoming documentary project. After listening, I became more proud to have this very special soul in my life. You may feel the same too...

www.vocalprofilinglive.com/media/radio/shows/satish.mp3 (click to listen)

Here's the blurb on the interview from Vocal Profiling Live

"A tantalizing conversation with, Satish More, a film maker who shared information about sustainability and ecological degradation and how frivolous and thoughtless people in First World countries are. His next film will concentrate on the desensitization of the American psyche and how we are numbed by the media. He feels that people are "burning with dissatisfaction" and really want to have a more meaningful life. He suggests that we start with moving motivation to an internal perspective and that TRUTH and TRUST of one's self and one significant partner is the place to start turning around our lives into one of significance and contentment. Satish is a former actor/singer/computer programmer who wants to make a difference and move people away from consumerism. Satish can be reached at moresatish@gmail.com or 408-835-3639"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Eternal Identity As Divine Entities

On one of the most sacred of days in our Vaisnava calendar, I'd like to throw up a late-evening tribute to one personality who inspires me greatly and constantly every day, HH Bhakti-Tirtha Swami Maharaja, born fifty-eight years ago this day.

From his book Spiritual Warrior IV: Conquering The Enemies of The Mind, he are some choice quotes that will inspire and deliver your mind, body, and soul.

“We should never think that God has left us alone without any help or guidance and without anyway to get us out of maya or our problems.”

“People need to develop their internal essence and nourish their souls through their own sadhana or spiritual practices. They need to engage in contemplative and introspective activities while endeavoring to enlighten themselves spiritually. Then they will be able to influence the environment.”

“We need to stop minimizing our own potency and stop blaming others...Everyone has the ability to influence their environment if they recognize their eternal identity as divine entities.”

“In this practice, one embraces love, faithfulness, accountability, loyalty, and selflessness because these qualities are an inherent part of our spiritual identity.”

“If we wait for others to care for us and love us, we will remain in a state of impoverishment.”

“In recovery, the person has to substitute the miracle of the bottle or the drug with the whole process of recovery in order to access the real miracle. The addict must then take shelter of a higher power in order to help maintain that mood.”

“It is very important for us as aspiring spiritualists to constantly try to help others in their process of spiritual growth rather than just trying to protect or save ourselves.”

“We have the ultimate security because, in spite of whatever happens to our body and our material facilities, we realize that God's love and protection for our soul always remains.”

His Holiness Bhakti-Tirtha Swami Maharaja ki jaya!