Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bombs Over Baghdad

Here's a recent report from HG Parathi-Sarathi Prabhu of his exploits in spreading the nectar and mercy of the Holy Name during his current tour of duty in Iraq for the United States Army.
All of our utmost sincere blessings and prayers go out to you prabhu! We look forward to seeing you soon.

By Partha-sarathi dasa

Dear Devotees, please accept my obeisance’s. glories to Srila Prabhupada Hare Krsna, Happy Kartika,. Here is my report on my precahing activities in Iraq.

I have set up book stands in 4 different locations on the base and every 3 days they are dry…. all gone. At the moment we are approaching 700 books out. So nectar!!!

We also have 12 bhaktas that are reading and chanting regularly. Our programs are spreading, now I host a mantra meditation class once a week and also Mondays and Fridays I have a small program of bhajans and prasadam. We are also distributing cookies on 3 different base camps thanks to Rathna Bushana Prabhu with an average of 1000 cookies out a week. Recently I reached out to the Indians that work here and am having a weekly program with them as-well. I am giving a presentation on the Lord’s lifting of Gorvadhana Hill on Sat, 10 Nov to about 200-300 Indian body contract workers.

My diet is ok.. mostly I am eating raw and dry fruits, dahl with only turmeric, cumin, and small amounts of salt, very simple food (maybe because I cannot get anything else). I also a, following caturmasya this year strictly and for the Kartika, I have increased the number of rounds I am chanting and my reading as my vrata. And have never missed a round of japa since arriving here. Bhakti Sastri is moving along and am not in the 6th chapter soo much nectar.

The Ratha Yatra was all set to go, but Krsna had another plan.. so now the hard date is Jan, which is great becasue all the Indian’s want to be involved. But like in all areas of the material world…. there are bad times… one of my soldiers died in my arms, that hit hard becuase he did service for my Lords. But I was told he said Krsna before he left, so that gives some solance. Also I have been hit with a lot of iEDs, took a round, lost some hearing and some more and I am only 5 months in.

Also Krsna gave me the strength to lead my team through a mass casualty event, where after suicide attacks in the North, we had to treat over 60 men, women and children. The real material world. nothing more sobering then having to put some little child’s brain matter back in their head while still trying to focus on speaking Krsna Katha to the dying child. Some died but l always carry Sri Ugraji with me and His smile was seen by them before they left their bodies. So powerful this movement, this process. Krsna is helping me here and showing me how special this life is. .

Here is my report, submitted at your lotus feet. I pray that Krsna helps me out of this situation and I can help others outside the military come to Srila Prabhupada’s feet.

Your servant Partha-sarathi dasa