Thursday, August 23, 2007

Live from the Palace of Gold, its the 24-Hour Kirtan Festival!

This past weekend at New Vrindaban, we hosted the first annual 24-Hour Kirtan Festival, featuring some of America's most ecstatic kirtaniyahs from NYC, Alachua, and Potomac, highlighted by the live Western debut of HG Madhava Prabhu from the Vrndavana 24-Hour Kirtan Party.

Being somewhat daring, I decided to get my fragile self out of my cozy spot on the floor at the ripe hour of 2am to head up to Prabhupada's Palace of Gold where the 24-Hour Kirtan was pleasing everyone in the three worlds. The highlight for me was a wonderful mangala-arati where I could really see that Prabhupada was pleased to see and be with his very talented and devoted grandchildren. It was quite an explosion of the Holy Name all weekend, and an event to be cherished and repeated often.

Jaya Jagannath in the aftermath

Monday, August 20, 2007

"Jaya Nara-Hari!"

This is HG Janak Mahajana Das, who does so many different, needed, and wonderful services here at New Vrindaban. To me, he is a very dear friend, spiritual guide, and always so blissful to see me and offer me such services as cleaning up in the Snack Bar. Jai?!

Janak very very hard at work....

A lot of us in ISKCON know Janak and know his immense worth as a devotee, so there is no need to embarrass him by glorifying him further. But, in an effort to please the devotees, I offer a series of photographs showing you, the humble servant of the servants, his wondeful Deities, including a Deity of Lord Nrshima with Prahlada Maharaja that is over 200 years old, and is currently the oldest Deity being worshiped on the grounds of New Vrindaban.