Friday, March 14, 2008

The Meeting..

This has been a long time coming. It's absolutely necessary...It's more than just about your health, your wallet, your computer...

(Deep breath) My Lower Self, I would like you to shake hands and finally, formally, meet Your Higher Self.

Lower Self, you've been hearing whispers your entire life. You've been having strange sensations. Deep ideas. These whispers have told you of something more, higher, complete, perfect, and loving. Something more than a wafer and a wink and promise to be a good boy. When you met that devotee in Ann Arbor one fine spring day, and he even gave you a real sweet cookie, then the whispers got a little more intense, a little more urgent, and with a hell of a lot more detail.

Even when you moved into the temple in the hills of West Virginia (never thought you would end up there), you kept avoiding that certain person who always wanted to speak to you, to give you advice, and God forbid, to point out something you may have been doing wrong. But today is the day. I've been advised to put this meeting together. There are big things ahead, big changes...We need you on the right side.

So, My Lower Self, sitting across from you today in this room is Your Higher Self. You do not know Your Higher Self very well, but he sure knows all about you. He has been with you, guiding you, witnessing your many facets.

He knows about your lust, your envy of those who have it so much more together than you do. He knows about your anger. He hears your harsh words against those who make you feel uncomfortable and put you in illogical and difficult situations. He knows about your illusions, your obsessions, your sentiments to all the things of your youth, your so-called culture, and the ideas you once believed with some fervor.

Now, let him tell you about himself. Please listen to what he will tell you, and please receive what he can give you. It is such a great gift...He will teach you the brahminical way, how to be peaceful, self-controlled, nicely austere, pure, tolerant, honest, full of the right knowledge, and wise. He will teach you about dedication, and how to move beyond the selfish dictations that are the foundation of Your Lower Self into something more, something called devotional service.

He will teach you how to selflessly serve others with one goal in mind-to awaken love of God within their hearts. He will convince you that this calling, this duty, is the perfection of all your aspirations, of all your searching through the bookshelves, faces, and hearts of numerous personalities whom have shown you only partial glimpses of the big picture.

He will teach you to be a Vaisnava. His words, his thoughts, and his suggestions are no different from the parampara. What Your Higher Self will teach you is in no way shape or form different than what Krsna taught Arjuna 5000 years ago on the battlefield of Kuruksetra.

Your Higher Self wants to do the greatest thing for you. He wants to teach you to love Krsna, serve Krsna, and be with Krsna always. There is nothing greater than this. Let him convince you of this. Do not be afraid of Your Higher Self, for he has always been with you. Indeed, he is you. The real loving selfless wonderful talented creative you.

I hope this simple meeting bears great fruit.