Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brahmacari Bake Sale! And War Against the Roaches!

Bhakta-Justin is one of the recent additions to the New Vrindaban Bhakta Program, and he's well on his way to be a leading favorite for Rookie of the Year. Since his arrival, he' s displayed a refreshing aptitude for cleaning the heck out of our ashram, and also for whipping us some serious cookies for the pleasure of Sri-Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra and Their devotees (and me too!)

Justin, who hails from Asheville, North Carolina, spent a good number of years as a professional BMX stunt-rider. His body is wracked with the scars and stories of many a righteous fall. We're hoping his life in devotional service is as adventurous as his bike-riding days, but less bruising.

Justin, like all of us here in the Bhakta Program, wants to go to India before this year is out. Problem is that its darn expensive. The solution is a Brahmacari Bake Sale (or a whole big series of bake sales....Homemade ice cream-from the udders of our very own cows coming soon!)

Justin "shows off the bling" He made about $65 last weekend, making him about 1/25th of the way there to afford a trip to India. Good thing there's plenty of summer sun left!.

We'll admit it. We have a cockroach problem in the Ashram. These wayward spirit souls like to run all over the floor and perhaps even into our half-opened cereal boxes. Some of us are mildly complacent about it. Not Justin. He tears apart the kitchen, seals off all possible entrances via the walls and the floors, and partakes in some much needed devotional service.
Our appreciation grows in leaps and bounds.

Also check out a piece by our resident Bhakta-Czar Caitanya Das about our other Rookie of the Year candidate, the irreverent and irreplaceable Bhakta-Cosmo aka Srila Cosmopada, straight from the mandirs and muddy sidewalks of Brooklyn. Check it out here.

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