Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Humble Musings Of The Manhattan Monk 5/29/11

We seek the personal blessings of Krsna, in His beauty, His smile, His kindness, and His love. There is no abstraction and no doubt in His personal touch. The embrace of His blessings is the care and core of all of our actual desires, beyond the flickering embers and sparks of the small and fragile joys we stumble upon in this temporary world.

That exchange, which the deep core of our heart longs for
Heart-to-heart, nothing cheap, nothing maudlin
The original dance, falling back into our original rhythm
There is nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

So why must we close our hearts is haste to His embrace?
Why are we so cold? Why are we a wallflower of time immemorial?

We make ourselves open to His personal blessings through our dedication, determination, and joy in the simple, humble, yet dynamic service to the Vaisnavas. We become one who feeds the body-mind-soul continuum of our many-layered, many-colored friends.

We ride the crest of the wave of their mercy upon us, trying to burst through the levees of doubt and falsity. We must be real. We must be practical. We must be eager to to risk facing our fears and illusions to serve with meaning. We must step out the door to be those humble sparks, dancing and dancing, that will ignite all the other dormant sparks.

We turn our gaze towards His gaze
And He has been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting
To give us His affection of His beauty, His smile, His movement
The kindness of His rhythm, the love of His melody
The wash of peace and clarity in His personal touch, His personal dance.

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