Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Humble Musings Of The Manhattan Monk 4/24/11

We come upon a certain sense of trust when we fully idealize another person, but this trust is see-through and nebulous, because neither the trust or the ideal of the other person is full and actual.

Real trust develops through a process of vulnerability and honesty, of acceptance and tolerance, earned through understanding and solidified by forgiveness. Trust is not handed to us like loose change; it is formed from the alchemy of a maturing relationship, and it fully takes hold from the ground of a deep mutual and active faith in the mercy of Krsna.

This faith is the corner stone that pushed the relationship forward, so that you and I survive each other's faults and illusions, and help each other to fully transcend them. You are not offended by my falsities. You help me to be cured of them, to be true, and in this you earn my trust in such a way that it is forever concrete.

Trust is the least cheap substance in this world. Its real value comes through not a false idealization but through a care and courage that can't be turned away from any monster emanating from within our false self.

Turn around and face the face of death. Nowhere else can we find freedom and meaning in our lives. Does your asana, your stock portfolio, your head shot push you to face the void with a certain courage and conviction? Until we stop trying to out-run time, our hairs will perpetually become white and our body crusted and burnt from this fear that enraptures us.

Yet this fear is something that never actually belongs to us. We have stolen it, yet it is the least valuable thing.

Knowledge and detachment are our sword and shield. We know we are tiny, yet we know we are loved by Krsna. We know we are eternal. With this, we turn to face the reaper and he cowers like a deer. He gives us our freedom with great haste, and we fully become who we are meant to be.

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