Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Limey X-Files

I must profess an honest interest, dating from my very childhood, when I used to go straight to the very beginning of the Dewey Decimal System in my local library to find books on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Bermuda Triangle, and best of all...UFO's

(After all, where the hell do you put books on these subjects within the Dewey Decimals? They exist in this weird unclassifiable zone, still considered as "pseudo-science")

And to this day, I'm still looking up at the night sky, waiting for something weird and flashing to float by. My neophyte devotional aspirations haven't dulled my wonder with this subject (although I'm sure as heck rolling my eyes more and more often whenever 9/11 or 2012 comes up).

In honor of his life and recent passing, I finally dove in to the book Alien Identities by HG Sadaputa Prabhu (Dr. Richard Thompson), and it has been one of the most sober and straightforward examinations of this most unwieldy subject that I have ever read.

Sadaputa's approach is based on examples and experiences drawn from the Vedic scriptures, which share some parallels with modern-day UFO experiences, such as Salva's monstrous, shape-shifting airplane or Duryodhana's abduction by the Davanas when he had decided to fast to death in the Mahabharata.

For the great acaryas and personalities of Vedic culture, it's a given that other advanced life forms exist in the universe and engage in communications and relationships with inhabitants of Planet Earth.

If we have faith in the numerous Vedic accounts of interactions between earthly humans and not-so earthly humans (and many other various life forms), then this can shed light on what may be happening now in regards to the modern-day UFO phenomenon.

In an encouraging sign towards more disclosure on this phenomenon, the British National Archives last week released a large number of declassified and spectacular reports of UFO encounters from the last fifty years. Click here to read an article on the Archives release, and click here to delve into the newly released files.

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