Sunday, September 28, 2008

I need a laptop.....

What is this? A so-called brahmacari asking for a laptop?

Indeed, your senses do not deceive you.

Since this is the 21st Century, some of my services (such as the Club 108 blog and the "Simple Living, High Thinking" newsletter) require that I use a computer.

Since the computer I was using here at New Vrindaban died a tragic and mysterious death a few months ago, I am without a consistent bag of chips and bits that I can call my own, and whether it's here at NV or wherever else I may go, I have to wait and sometimes even compete to use the available computers. I know, the shame...

So, I'm not hoping for a personal laptop to just space out. That is there, but also it will help me continue my sincere efforts to network and strengthen our communities of devotees worldwide.

As a struggling brahmacari, I am also without finances. My options are traditional here. I am asking and even begging for someone very merciful to either sponsor a laptop for me (such as this one or this one or this one or even this one), or donate one that they no longer have use for.

Help a brother out! Contact me by e-mail at, or

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