Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jesus Saves, but Yzerman scores on the rebound

Being a former hockey goon and born resident of Hockeytown (Detroit, Michigan), I was tickled and pumped up to hear Madhava Ghosh's recent account of the exploits of the Palace Guards, the former New Vrindaban roller hockey team.

I am so pumped-up about it that I told Ghosh if I don't get a chance to play in a new version of the Palace Guards, I will have to take birth again until that desire that fulfilled.

Out of his causeless compassion, during his weekly stop at the Moundsville flea market this past Sunday, Ghosh picked up two pairs of roller blades and three sticks for the team. The skates are a little bog, but they fit, and amazingly I didn't fall flat on my face or arse in moving about a bit on them. Thats a good sign.

The sticks were right-handed, which oddly enough doesn't work for me, despite the fact I am right-handed. Using a hockey stick is the only thing I do left-handed. Karma is strange.

Here's some pics of the happy occasion that pushed the reunion of the Palace Guards one step closer to reality.

Adi-Guru finds out that I'm a different person on the ice

Blades of steel

The human brick wall

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Devadeva Mirel said...

i know, right? "palace guards" is such a great name! wish i could join the team..