Thursday, April 10, 2008

Detroit Rock City (Part 2)

We continue the Motown tradition, Prabhupada-style, as the fired up devotees of Detroit bum-rush the annual Hash Bash in Ann Arbor with some souped-up harinama!

HG Gopal Prabhu...ready to rock


HG Srinivasa Prabhu plays the Aindra Model Harmonium (the Jimi Hendrix Strat of Harmoniums)...signed by Aindra Prabhu himself (I witnessed this!)



Stefan Fellner said...
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Stefan Fellner said...

Do you know what the Aindra Dasa harmonium model is called? Where the Devotis in the Blog get ist. Is it a Model or special? Whre can i get it i live in Vienna Austra. I like the special sound maybe you can help me?