Friday, September 28, 2007

The Small Farm Training Center

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The Small Farm and Teaching Garden, a project of SANTEE Farm and Gardens, hosted this past weekend Dr. Barbara Liedle and three graduate students visiting from West Virginia State University.

Dr. Liedle, a research scientist has chosen the 6.5 acre Garden of Seven Gates, our main agricultural project here at New Vrindaban, another grant to test organically grown seed lines.

This project, called the Organic Seed Partnership, collects data from field green crops such as bell peppers. summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, and okra. Dr. Liedle and the grad students harvested 50 bushels of butternut squash. The produce that is produced will be utilized by the RVC Temple kitchen and the Lodge snack bar.

Following the arduous, rewarding, and sometimes odorous task (rotten squash doesn't smell like strawberries), our guests also toured the Palace of Gold and ate sumptous amounts of Krsna prasadam. We thank them kindly for their involvement and interest with New Vrindaban in this progressive project.

Here are some photographic highlights:

A Club 108 production

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