Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The 2007 Detroit Ratha-Yatra

A photographic peek into the 2007 Detroit Ratha-Yatra, held this past Sunday, September 16, complete with The Festival of India, live at Belle Isle.

Sri-Sri Radha Kunjibihari, ISKCON Detroit, always welcoming me home....

The "Motor City Mahajana" Bharata Prabhu, basking in the glow..Sriman Joe "JoeDasa" Swift Prabhu, working the crowds for the pleasure of Lord Jagannath
HG Yugal Kishore Prabhu was the MVP (Most Valuable Prabhu) of the Parade. His dancing lifted all to newer and better heights, way above the ugly industrial landscapes of Metro Detroit. Traveling with him, watching him always preach with such vigor and realization, seeing the way devotees respect and confide in him, I feel very privileged to be his preferred driver, sometimes-humble servant, and very good friend

Shashi, our very good friend from ISKCON Toronto, gets ready to entertain the guests and scare the kids in his role as Kamsa in HH Bhakti-Marg Swami's wonderful bit of theater "Tenth Canto"

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Bharath said...

Beautiful pictures prabhu and great captions for some of the photographs. You write great stuff ... do you think you can write a report on the Detroit Ratha Yatra? I'll have it posted on our temple website with pictures that Srinandanandana took. Let me know if you can- ksbarks@yahoo.com

I agree about HG Yugal Kishore Prabhu. Utterly graceful and inspiring, inducing even the onlookers to chant and dance!

Your servant,

Motor City Mleccha :)))