Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Unexpected

On our way back from ISKCON Potomac's Sunday love feast, relishing a full day of taking prasad, kirtan, taking prasad, kirtan, taking prasad, and some kirtan, I was driving Dodge Civic Dasa, full of our NV Brahmacari Action Team, back to the house of our awesome host Pradyumna Prabhu (pa of Potomac/Baltimore's awesome brotherly duo of Vinay Prabhu and Manish Prabhu)

Jagadish and I, as devotees do sometimes, were discussing the possibilities and realities of the demonic influences currently in control of our earthly planet when the Rockefellers and the lizard-alien-men decided we were getting too close to the truth. Going 70 MPH, I suddenly heard a loud bang as our right rear tire exploded, and Civic Dasa began to swerve wildly over five lanes of good ol' American highway.

This had never happened to me before whilst driving, but I avoided panic, and by the merciful intervention of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, was able to lurch the car over to the side of the road.

About two seconds into the episode, I heard Caitanya chanting Hare Krsna very loudly from the back seat. I was pretty focused on becoming the steering wheel and trying to avoid any oncoming cars, so I was glad somebody was on top of their transcendental game.

Amazingly, despite having been surrounded by the crazy Maryland traffic for most of the time we were on the highway, when the tire blew and Civic Dasa started to go this-way-and-that, there was not a car within a mile of us.

The lessons I take from this. Pray harder, chant better, and check the air in the tires often.

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