Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hit the Asphalt!

Being an aspiring celibate monk in the Gaudiya Vaisnava (Hare Krsna) tradition, I often get the impression that people have no idea what I actually do. What exactly does actual spiritual life look like, sound like, taste like, and feel like. Actually, I'm not sure. I'll think I'll try to figure it our after I get up from my nap....we do arise at 4am in these parts.

To give you, dearest reader, a small example of this devotee life, I present a photo essay of our journey northwards to Pittsburgh and Michigan that occurred last weekend (3-16 to 3-20-07). I traveled with my fellow former Michigan homeboy and good neighbor Caitanya Das, along with His Grace Yugal Kishore Das, one of New Vrindaban's most delightful traveling salesmen, engaged in the helping spread the marketplace of the Holy Name. Also repping the New Vrindaban contingent in Detroit this weekend was Her Grace Mother Malati, who is one of the original Western disciples of our Hare Krsna movement and of the man himself, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. Caitanya and I were mainly traveling doing college programs of musical meditation (kirtan) and spiritual discussion, while Yugal and Malati were in Detroit to preside over a Deity installation at the local home of one of our congregation members.

So, with my whole life being experimental, I'm gonna throw up a bunch of pictures here so you may get some kind of jist. I've been told by knowlegable sources not to overload on the photography, because it overloads the load time for people of lesser CPU capacity. To those people, all I can say, like the human beings will say, is "sorry." Please enjoy to the best of your capacity anyway...

Caitanya Das prays for rain

A neon kirtan for the neon age, live from the University of Pittsburgh

Yugal Kishore dresses and bathes the New Arrivals

Our man Bhakta Joe Swift doing what he does best.

Back to the roots...a college program-East Quad-U. of Michigan-Ann Arbor

"Take the pacifier out of your mouth, and just fill your mouth with harinama instead.."

Detroit Rock City!

The kindest enlightenment from Her Grace Mother Malati.

Heating up the asphalt and catching a cold-Kirtan at Michigan State University

The ideal way to end the trip-organic raspberry popsicles.

His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada-ISKCON Devasadan-Detroit

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